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Our expert engineers make sure that you should get maximum output from your solar panels. They install it in such a way that even harsh wind @ 180KM per hour can not shake it. GI structure and frame avoids corrosion and rust. GI structures are  strong and firm base for your precious panels.We are the best Solar Installation Company in Jharkhand and Bihar Region. 

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Solar electricity at work...

Every solar panel contains photo voltaic (PV) cells. PV cells take light and turn that light into solar electricity. 

When sunlight hits the solar panel, PV cells get to work by producing direct current (DC) electricity. 

This is all great—but DC electricity can’t power your home on its own. That’s where the other pieces of solar energy equipment come into the picture. On to solar inverters!

Some solar panel system setups have a single inverter (often called a “string” inverter) for the entire system. Some have a micro-inverter attached behind each solar panel. The most important thing to know about inverters is that they convert DC electricity, produced by the solar panels, into alternating current (AC) electricity. That’s the good stuff that powers your home. 

Are you looking for Solar Energy/ renewable energy in Jharkhand? Choisi Solar provides a range of solar products and services. You can buy Solar AC/DC Pump, Roof Top Solar, Solar Street Light, Solar Inverter, Solar Water Heater, Solar Battery, Module Mounting Structure, Commercial UPS, Online UPS, Solar Panels (Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Panels), and other range of products from us. Choisi Solar is your trusted source for all kinds of solar products. 

Quality product and timely service is our commitment. We customize solar solution that fits in your budget and requirement. Our expert technical person evaluates your need and according to your need they suggest you the solar products. 

We are connected with the world solar forums to bring the innovation at your doorsteps. Our endeavor is to bring best solar products for your home, office, Hospitals, schools, Crop Fields and shops. Trust the science, solar is future of energy and if you get it today you will save your tomorrow. Moreover government is also promoting solar energy through various schemes like subsidy and incentives. Of course we help you to get those benefits provided by the government. But it depends on government's policies and criteria.  You can always ask our executives regarding subsidy availability. 

We are also partnering with various financial institutions so that you can buy your own solar power plant on EMIs. For details on EMI and Finance  please contact our sales team. They will guide you with the right details according to current interest rates and regulations. 

People in Less developed states like Bihar and Jharkhand often complaint about electric scarcity during summers. Because of heavy power cut people suffer in their business and agriculture. Remember Solar Plant is your personal solar generating plant that works for you through out the day and night (Condition applied). You can opt for full power back up so that you can work 24 X 7 without any interruption. Uninterrupted power supply is boon to your business and agriculture. Do you know that you need to pay only one time for your uninterrupted power supply.  you don't have to pay any bill for the same. You don't have to wait for departments approval and it is very easy to maintain too. This total win win situation for you. Come and discuss the solar opportunity for you. 

Solar power is equally beneficial for your homes too. All of us know that our AC, Heavy Coolers, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, Mobiles, Oven, Water Pump, Mixer Grinder, Laptop, TV, Fans, etc everything consumes electricity. and Electricity is going costlier day by day. So it is a wise investment in Solar plant for your home.  You can choose Solar plants for as per your need and budget.  if you are not looking for heavy investments you can choose solar versions of above mentioned electrical appliances. We have available stand alone solar products too.

So, Chois Solar has all the solutions for your solar needs. and don't forget our punch line "Chosen Wisely". Yes we pick every product after lot of testing and inspections. If you chose to get service from us it is your wise choice and every one will say you that you have chosen wisely. 

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